Our goal is to make internet research simple

  1. Doing research on the web is tough. You are often left searching for information in long texts,
    which is a highly frustrating and time consuming process.

  2. We believe that mustn't be the case. Instead of burying information somewhere in a text, it can be written in bullet points,
    where each bullet point is one individual piece of information.

  3. You can easily skim through each bullet point and find the information you need much faster.

  4. You can search our list of articles that we have written. If you don't find the topic you searched for,
    you can suggest for it to be written.

  5. Below are two articles on the Industrial Revolution.

    The one on the left is written conventionally, and the other one on the right in bullet points.

See the original Bamfacts article of the Industrial Revolution

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